"Exploring the future of work & the freelance economy"

World Employment Conference 2020 | Madrid

29 september-01 oktober 2020

Globalisationdigitalisationpolarizationdiversification of forms of workdemographic changesurbanization: labour markets around the world are facing similar challenges and leaving workers, employers and policymakers with many questions as to how best to respond to these major transformations.

At our 2020 World Employment Conference, leaders of the employment and recruitment industrypolicymakersacademicsHR practitioners and trade unionists from around the world will come together with a single purpose: to exchange views on how to steer a labour market in transformation.

Through an impressive line-up of both inspirational and knowledgeable speakers, the conference will address issues ranging from: the rise of platform work, the use of new technologies, the coexistence of diverse forms of work, the need to prepare people for jobs that do not yet exist, the need to deliver a human-centered approach to the new world of work and the evolution of labour laws and social protection schemes adapted to the new realities of work

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